What Is Federal Project Number One

This article presents a detailed review regarding what is Federal Project Number One, to help you understand the details of this program. Read on the complete review to know more as it consists of detailed explanation of Federal Project Number One. In short, this article will act as your complete guide providing all the details and facts and important info about Federal Project Number One.

Federal Project Number One which is also known as Federal One in short was the name given to cluster of projects which were a part a bigger project known as Work Projects Administration, a New Deal program in the United States.

The Federal Project Number One program consisted of five component projects which were known as:

The Federal Writers' Project

The Federal Theatre Project

The Federal Music Project

The Federal Art Project

The Historical Records Survey

The main aim of all these participating projects of the bigger Federal Project Number One program was to provide benefits of the New Deal program to artists, musicians, writers and actors. It was a good thing because prior to this, the arts and culture related things were never given so much importance and they were not included in the property list of the US government.

Continuing further with the review to get more info about Federal Project Number One, let us take a brief look at some of its main benefits and impacts on the American society. Since, the Federal Project Number One was meant to address the concern of unemployment in cultural fields, providing funds would mean double benefits. It not only provided employment to various artists, it also led to various developments in art and culture. It acted as a great medium to infuse art and culture to the daily lives of American people. Moreover, it provided employment to larger number of artists who were assigned various artistic works which consisted of beautification of several federal buildings and lots of another works.

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