Federal One Censorship Issue

The Federal One Censorship issue spoiled various cultural programs which were started under the Federal Project Number One. In other words, due to the Federal One censorship problem, the cultural programs suffered badly.

Although when the National Theatre was started in 1935 under one of the component projects of Federal One, it was announced that the theatre would be free to perform without any censorship. In other words, the resulting theater would be a free, adult and an uncensored theatre.

Despite the fact that it was assured that theatre will no issue of censorship with Federal One’s theatre project; the first censorship action was taken against the theater about after six months from the time it started.

Although there was some censorship issue with Federal One going on, the WPA projects turned out to be very popular among the audiences and critics, and reviews used to be really complimentary and encouraging. Although it is also true that despite that fact that theatre was getting encouraging reviews from the audiences and critics, the views of the press were not unanimous. The press seemed to be divided.  The accounts in liberal newspapers recommended the formation of stable local projects upon foundations laid through Federal One support. However papers opposed to the New Deal capitalized on every act of censorship or problem in the programs. On the other hand, various artists, too, visualized a future for the projects.

However, it is important to note that the Federal One project itself eventually fell to the Federal One censorship issue. The WPA had become the easiest target of the critics of New Deal program in the Congress and the press. Federal One, was considered as the most controversial part of the larger agency, which made it a, easy to attack and good target for FDR's enemies. Their attacks eventually led to the censorship of the theater and termination of various projects.