End Of Federal One Project

In this article, we shall discuss about the end of Federal One Project by taking a look at the various things which led to conclusion of Federal Project Number One.

After the Dies Committee report and further investigation being launched, it was announced that the government will pull back itself from the theater business. This announcement served as an indication that the Federal One Project end was near.

Then in June, 1939, the House Appropriations Committee banned the use of WPA funds for theater activities of any kind, thus getting the Federal Theatre Project end and virtually overnight, just four years after it was initiated or formed. This was the first formal incident of the Federal One Project ending.

The outcome of the Dies Committee hearings, the headlines about red artists in press and the grievances of Second World War led to the reorganization of Federal One Project in June 1939, and thus providing a hint about its decline which eventually led to the end of Federal One Project. Among various changes which were incorporated post Second World War, the WPA was re-named from Works Progress administration to the Work Projects Administration. Another major change was that a greater authority was awarded to the states, where projects were facing delays or they were not showing the expected results.

Each project which was running under the Federal one project was awarded two months period to find local sponsors who would bear twenty five percent of the total project costs; although it was done with an intention to bring quick end to most of the projects, even the controversial Federal Writers Project found sponsors for 46 of its 48 projects. Thus, by the year 1941, employment in the Writers Project had declined, but others showed increases.

It is also true that despite all adversaries, the Federal One Projects survived beyond the year 1939, their work had been affected by various controversies and the reorganization which followed in its wake. The national offices were acting as mere technical advisor and most of the state units assigned employees to non-cultural work. The WPA was formally ended by a presidential proclamation in 1942 which marked the Conclusion of Federal Project Number One